Thursday, April 17, 2014

Geisha Garden

When the flowers in your garden start blooming and the scent of floral fragrance is in the air, you know that spring time is finally here. Flowers have an innate and magical way of brightening a room and even a person's mood. To think that a simple gift of a flower is able to lighten a person's mood for even a few moments is just priceless.

This floral dress brings out a whimsical aura with a bit of sensual sophistication with  its high cut slit. It can easily be worn casually with some flats and your hair down, but I decided to dress it up with some heels and pin my hair up. Unintentionally, this gave it a bit of an Asian semblance. With the beautiful pink flowers in the background it seems like a scene in a Japanese garden.

Forever 21 Dress: $16.80
Windsor Heels: $24.99
Forever 21 Earrings: $5,80

Photographed by Joseph Young 

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