Friday, March 28, 2014

Casual Fridays

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog; been preoccupied with various shenanigans for the past few months. Also, it didn't help that my laptop was dying. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! I finally purchased a new laptop and am glad to have this site up and running. Springtime is here and the weather in SoCal has been a bit odd, raining one day and sunny and nice the next. Nevertheless I have nothing to complain about because we definitely have the best weather year round.

This casual outfit paired with a light hooded jacket is perfect for the Spring or Fall. The jacket is a little long so slipping into a pair of heels definitely elongates the look. I was surprised at the quality and details of the Zara jacket especially for its great price. I've been searching for this style of heels for awhile now and have almost given up because they're all so painful. I randomly stumbled upon these suede heels at Windsor (of all places!) Suede has definitely been my feet's bff, they diminish the pain while adding a much needed comfort.

Zara Jacket: $69.90
H&M Shirt: $7.00
Forever 21 Jeans: $7.80
Windsor Heels: $24.99
Forever 21 Earrings: $5.80
H&M rings: $5.80
Michael Kors Watch: $180