Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Shopping in Asia use to be really cheap, but over the years it has become like shopping in the U.S. I'm always on the hunt for a great bargain. I stumbled upon this really classy business purse in Myeong Dong and had to get it, especially since it was just $12 USD!! So many people complimented on it and asked where I bought it from. Everyone was shocked that it was so cheap! It's great for a work or interviews. I also purchased a smaller version in pink which is perfect for weekend outings. 

I also found these cute Tinker Bell earrings at a night stand for just $2 USD. The rings were a set in the underground subway, 3 together for $8 USD. It's unique in that it looks like two rings on the front but is just one connected in the back. I really love Korea and definitely want to go back. This shoot was taken inside the Ritz Carlton in Gangnam. 

I've been searching for a pair of Sam Edelmen flats for so long! Originally I saw it at Nordstroms, but it was over $100! Even though they were so comfortable, I was reluctant to spend so much on a pair of light colored flats. I knew they would get dirty and then each stain would just be a jab at my heart. So I waited and was pleasantly surprised when I found a pair at Off Sak's for just $32! 

Marshalls Top: $12.99
Forever 21 Leather Skirt: $8.80
Sam Edelmen Flats: $32
3 Gold Rings: $8
Tinkerbell Earrings: $2
Square Forever 21 Bracelet: $5.80
Purse: $12
Michael Kors Watch: $180

Photographed by Erica Lin

Monday, October 7, 2013

Funk Seoul

It has been one extremely hectic month with so many changes in my life. I inadvertently stumbled upon a job in SoCal. Even though I have always wanted a job in Irvine, I was a bit hesitant because I had just begun to settle down in NorCal and was really enjoying it up there. I really loved my job and all the friends I had made up there. But SoCal has always been my home with my family and close friends. Plus NorCal was costing me an arm and a leg living alone and traveling back and forth. It helped that the new job had a higher salary too so I decided to take it. I thought it would be perfect timing to take a vacation in between jobs. I've been wanting to go to Korea and Hong Kong for awhile and this wold be the perfect time to go since I wouldn't have to take any days off. 

This shoot was done at the Ritz Carlton in Seoul, Korea. I uncharacteristically paired these new wedge sneakers with a studded black dress. I honestly didn't think I could pull off sneaker wedges but thought I'd just try them on for fun. They're surprisingly pretty comfortable and I instantly thought of so many outfits I could pair with them. Plus, it helped that they were on clearance for just $15 at Macy's! I normally would have paired this dress with a nice pair of black heels, but thought I'd try something new this time. Plus I was in Korea, where everyone is so trendy and chic. I found this dress at Forever 21 in the clearance section, which was an additional 50% off. I go pretty crazy whenever they have those deals and buy a lot! Everything turns out to be between $3-10! 

I absolutely loved Korea! We stayed in Gangnam where most of the clubs and partying were. Koreans are hands down the craziest party animals! We went to breakfast at 8am and there were still people there drinking and eating BBQ from last night on a Monday! And again on Tuesday, and then Wednesday it was us eating breakfast and drinking soju mixed with beer after a night of clubbing! Lol =P It was probably a once in a lifetime experience where we were enmeshed with the full effect of the Korean culture. We met so many friendly people there who offered to help us and take us out. One of our new Korean friends took these photos for me. I think he did a pretty excellent job with my new 50mm. 

Forever 21 Dress: $7.99
Sneaker Wedges: $15.00
Forever 21 Bracelet: $5.80

Photographed by Victor Choi