Sunday, August 4, 2013


Many people don't realize how every choice causes a ripple effect throughout the environment and people around them. Mistakes happen and sometimes we get lost, but learning from your mistakes and making the most out of your life is the most important. Live life with no regrets. Don't waste time daydreaming about what-ifs, live in the moment and take steps to make things happen. Learn to embrace the person you are and strive to better yourself each day. Life is all about learning and growing. Never settle for anything less than what you truly deserve.

I found this dress at the Bloomingdale's Outlet when I was on the way to the airport a couple months ago. I didn't even try it on because I was in a bit of a rush but just couldn't resist stopping by the outlet since it was on the way. It's XS but stretchy material and I figured if I couldn't fit into it, it would make a great gift, especially since it was just $9.89!! I was delightfully surprised when I got home an managed to squeeze myself into it. >.<

I've had these heels since 2008 and there's actually a funny story behind it. I originally purchased ones with a shorter heel for work, but I accidentally left them on the train and was soo sad because I usually don't spend this much on heels and had bought them specifically for work. So reluctantly I went online to purchase them again but found these that were a bit taller and decided to be a little more adventurous. Fiver years later and I'm still wearing them to work =)

I purchased this bracelet on spring vacation in Cancun in 2011. It was definitely my favorite vacation spot so far. I am just dying to go back to the clear Caribbean waters again. I also purchased a matching necklace on the beach there =P This necklace from Mango is so unique I just had to get it. It's literally pops out of your outfit and sits beautifully on your neck.

Free People Dress: $9.89
Charles and David Heels: $75
Mango Necklace: $20
Foreign Exchange Clutch: $31 (BOGO Free)
Bracelet: $5

Photographed by Charles Chen


  1. super cute!!!

    xo, Connie

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  2. Just pretty!! what a cool dress :)
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  3. So pretty, love how you accessorized the dress!

  4. Gorgeous dress! You look great in it. I also love your heels. I have a similar pair and adore them!


  5. gorgeous clutch <3

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  6. it's always nice to have a story behind a piece you're wearing =) and you look gorgeous!
    thank you for your lovely comment xxx


  7. Gorgeous, dress! I absolutely love this outfit! It’d be perfect for our weekly link-up. I’d love for you to stop by and link-up your blog! :) it’s a great way to gain exposure to your blog! Take care!

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  8. Nice dress, great color!