Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This was my first time visiting a castle! It was pretty amazing, took soo many pictures! It was also my first time visiting Napa Valley. It truly is so gorgeous and so peaceful. The weather was just perfect. Would love to just spend an entire weekend there someday.

After a year, I am still obsessed over these high low dresses. Not only do they look amazing, it adds a hint of elegance to a simple outfit. Just had to add a simple waist belt and the look was complete. I had originally seen these heels at the Black Market White House retail store and loved it, but they were $89! My friend advised that I wait until they're on sale so I put them back reluctantly. But when I stopped by an outlet I found them for just $19.99 a few months later! Always wait for a deal, everything eventually goes on sale. =P

Forever 21 Dress: $15.80
Black Market White House Heels: $19.99
Forever 21 Necklace: $6.80
Foreign Exchange Clutch: $30 BOGO Free
Chicks and Blocke Waist Belt: $5.99
MK Watch: $180

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bold & Daring

I've lived the early years of my life trying to fit in and blend in with everyone. I've always been shy and quiet, but after college I became more independent and mature. Rather than dressing so conservatively in the usual black, brown, and grey outfits, I've become more bold with my fashion choices. These vibrant fuchsia pieces really speak toward my personality now. I've changed a lot over the years and have learned so much everyday. Every mistake made is a lesson learned. Living life to the fullest each day and never having regrets is how I want to live my life: full of passion, love, and happiness. Never let anyone crush your dreams or tell you can't have something. Strive to be your best and never settle for anything less than what you deserve in life.

I purchased this cardigan many years ago at Express, it was a very bright color that I've never worn before. It was on clearance because these bold bright colors weren't very fashionable a few years back. You definitely stand out when you're wearing this bright pink color. Pairing it with this bright blue pants is even more bold and daring. It screams "Look at me now!" haha =P

If you see anyone's pictures at the Palace of Fine Arts, don't be fooled into thinking it was a beautiful warm day. It is always sooo windy and cold here because its right next to the marina and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was actually freezing!! I went back again this past weekend and couldn't believe that it was even windier than before! However, it is such a beautiful place to visit in San Francisco. Disney created a miniature replica at California Adventure!

Forever 21 Top: $12.80
Forever 21 Pants: $11.99
Express Cardigan: $9.99
Sam Edelman Heels: $28
Ralph Lauren Sunglasses: $25
Steve Madden Purse: $34.99
Michael Kors Watch: $180
Kate Spade Bracelet: $33

Monday, June 10, 2013

Soft Meadows

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I escaped to the SF again for an action packed weekend with my girlfriends who flew in from LA. We had a blast exploring the city and eating delicious food. I'm beginning to love SF more and more now, although it was a bit scary driving around for the first time. The streets are so steep, but the view and great food is definitely worth the trip!

I've been searching for a simple, yet sophisticated cami for awhile and was surprised to find it at H&M. The quality of the fabric is very soft and light. These pants are not only really comfortable, but also very fashionable. It looks very unique and can be worn casually or semi-formal with a blazer. They were having a 20% sale during Memorial weekend so needless to say, I purchased many items there. =) I listed the original prices of the items below just so there's no confusion.

These Aldo flats were on sale at the Outlet and I thought that since its a neutral color, it would go great with just about anything. They are perfect for work or just a casual walk around town. After breaking them in a bit, they became pretty comfortable and I wear them all the time now.

When I randomly strolled into the Icing store not expecting to find anything great (they had redecorated and it didn't even look like Icing anymore), I was shocked to find such a beautiful necklace. I was pretty torn paying $12.50 for something at Icing, but I think this is a piece of jewelry that would go with many outfits and adds a bit of elegance.

H&M Cami: $11.99
H&M Pants: $17.99
Aldo Flats: $25
Icing Necklace: $12.50
Rebecca Minkoff Purse: $330
Michael Kors Watch: $180
Forever 21 Wrap-Around Bracelet: $8.80

Photographed by Charles Chen

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Metallic Rockstud

I fell in love with these Sam Edelman heels the first time I saw them at the Bloomingdales Outlet. They were originally $129.99 and went on clearance for just $28! Not only do I love the spikes, but it is also so unique with the inner cut out. I have pretty sensitive feet so this cut out really alleviates much of the pain that is usually there due to the tightness in the front. I was really glad to find this simple everyday black top with the gold studs that adds a bit of flare. These pants are sooo comfortable and were such a steal for $11.99 clearance at Forever 21!

Forever 21 Top: $12.80
Forever 21 Pants: $11.99
Sam Edelman Heels: $28
Forever 21 bracelet: $4.80
Michael Kors Watch: $180

Photographed by Charles Chen

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Royal Blue


I'm soo excited with the results of these photos that were taken by my good friend Charles Chen. He is absolutely amazing and so talented! These were taken in the garden area behind his apartment in San Francisco. It was pretty nice to escape the heat in SF this weekend where it was nice 75 degrees. Had a wonderful time hanging out and exploring the city with great company. There's so many delicious restaurants to eat at and festivals to attend.

I am so grateful for my wonderful bestie who gave me this Rebecca Minkoff purse for my birthday this year. The royal blue is definitely a timeless classic. It easily matches with almost any outfit. I love how you can wear it as a crossbody or just off your shoulder. I've also been searching for these cat eye sunglasses for awhile and was so delighted to find them at my favorite Bloomingdales Outlet. They were originally $79 and on clearance for just $25! These scandals are just to die for. Aerosole makes the most comfortable shoes. It really feels like you're walking on air. The extra cushion gives you that comfort that is definitely needed for those long walks.

Forever 21 Top: $4.80
Forever 21 Shorts: $10.80
Rebecca Minkoff Purse: $330
Michael Kors Watch: $180
Aerosole Sandals: $25
Ralph Lauren Sunglasses: $25
Icing Necklace: $12