Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Modern Chic

Hope everyone had a happy new year!! 2013 is full of new beginning for me with a new job in a new city. I'm a bit scared, but also anxious about it. I'll definitely be sad leaving all my family and close friends behind. Hopefully, I will be able to learn more and be more independent. I'm actually more excited about getting my own apartment and decorating everything! I'll definitely be doing more arts and crafts since I won't have many distractions.

I was delightfully surprised when I found this blazer in the clearance section at Forever 21. I examined it carefully for any markings or holes, but found none. The tan accents add a little flare to this black blazer. It's quite hard for me to find a blazer that looks good on me. I prefer short blazers with a more casual look. This one can go both ways. Unitentionally, I'm all decked out in Forever 21 attire!

Forever 21 Blazer: $7.98
Forever 21 Dress: $24.80
Forever 21 Earrings: $4.80

Photographed by Alex Pai


  1. wooow!! love your dress!!
    Now i have a firmoo giveaway on my blog!!

  2. I love the color contrast on that blazer, it makes for such a chic look!

  3. omg! wow :) i cant tell how inspiring this post is <333 keep up the good work you gorg! ;)

  4. ooo i like the tan accents too! and it was on sale- double score. and your new transitions sound exciting! i'm actually moving across the country in a month, and i'm super nervous about leaving everyone behind too. but just like you, one thing i'm super excited about is decorating my apartment haha. silver lining in everything!

  5. This outfit is so smart and sophisticated!

    I'm your newest follower, would love if you could check out my blog/follow back?


  6. happy 2013 kelly !!!!! nice dress and suit u n smart

  7. You look so chic and classy in this outfit! Wonderful! The dress is stuning!

  8. Love the dress, Kelly! Such a great deal on it too :)

  9. so pretty! would you like to follow each other? let me know!