Friday, July 6, 2012


  I haven't been to Santa Monica's new shopping mall for the longest time! They completely revamped the place. It looks soo much better than the old fashioned indoors mall from before. It looks similar to the Century City outdoors mall with more high end stores. I felt as if I stood out a lot walking around in this neon orange top. It definitely is an eye catcher!

Top: TJMaxx $12.99
Bottoms: 7 Jeans 
Heels: Mixx Shuz $28.99
Earrings: Forever 21 (3 sets of gold, sliver, and black) $6.80
Necklace: Foreign Exchange $14.00


  1. omg i lovvvve that top. you look fabulous :) thank you so much for your sweet comment. yes she does an amazing job :)

  2. Thanks! Means a lot coming from a fashionista like you =)