Monday, July 9, 2012


My friends and I love trying new restaurants all the time. This past weekend, we decided to have lunch at Mariposa in Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island. The restaurant itself looks very modern and has an outdoor seating area with a view of the surrounding buildings. Right when we sat down they brought us complimentary Chicken Broth with a small piece of bread and Hallow Bread with strawberry butter. I've never had strawberry butter, but I found it to be very good with the bread! We ordered the Dammann Freres ice tea that came with sorbet, which was surprisingly light and refreshing. For our starter, we ordered the Truffle Tatter Tots ($6) that were delicious topped with Parmesan cheese. We all were eyeing the Kobe Sliders (3 for $16) so we ordered that to share. Lastly, we ordered the day's special which was the Blackened Chicken Salad (18). It was a bit spicy but overall  pretty good.

Links to the the Restaurant & Yelp 


  1. oh wow it all looks amazing :) i got the ring at a small boutique within a hotel in miami, florida a few years. thanks so much!

  2. All the food look yum...your making me hungry haha

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  3. OMG!!! it looks so deliciuous!
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