Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mod Squared

To truly tell whether you love something is to walk away from it and see how much you miss it. I instantly gravitated towards these square bangles when I walked into Foreign Exchange. I've never seen anything like it and looks so modern and chic. I was very hesitant buying it for $17 and finally decided not to get it for now. But for the next few days I found myself searching for similar ones online and couldn't find anything. Finally, I decided to just got back and buy it. When I walked into the store I was overcome with joy when the sales lady informed that all the accessories were BOGO FREE!!!! I ended up buying the bangle along with a necklace. I also purchased the gold python envelope clutch along with an additional teal purse. I absolutely love Foreign Exchange's BOGO Free deals! 

Top: Fashion Q $12.00
Jeans: H&M $21.60 (used 20% coupon. Org $24.95)
Heels: Aldo $41 (Org $91) 
Clutch: Foreign Exchange $31 (BOGO Free in stores or $19.20 online) 
Bangle: Foreign Exchange $17 (BOGO Free in stores or $10.20 online) 
Earrings: Forever 21 $3.80

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jewelry Box


I absolutely love my new jewelry box! It reminds me of the ones at J.Crew, Banana Republic, etc. where they hold their nicer jewelries. I always get so flustered when my necklaces get all tangled or if I can find them. This is the perfect way to organize them while not taking up too much space. It also looks really elegant.

Jewelry Box: TJMaxx $12.99
Orange Circle necklace: ANGL $12.99
Daisy Flower necklace: Ross $4.99
Coral and mint earrings: Forever 21 $4.80
Gold Chandelier earrings: Ross $4.99
Turquoise earrings: Forever 21 $4.80
Coral necklace: Forever 21 $10.80
Metallic necklace: The Limited $12.99
Gold Chandelier earrings with diamond rhinestones: Charlotte Russe $4.99
Gold Triangle necklace with green gems: Forever 21 $8.80

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kate Spade

So I've been going through a purse phase recently and purchased 6 purses in 1 week! Its pretty insane, many of my friends have commented on my sporadic shopping behavior. I signed up for the Nordstroms Rewards cards and went to the Nordstroms Preview Sale the first morning that it started. I instantly spotted the Lissa Crossbody bag from Kate Spade that can also be converted into a clutch! I LOVE versatile purses! It was the only one left in this vibrant fuschia color and I just had to take it! It is originally $258, but during the preview sale it was discounted to $171. I lovee the cute black bow on it! I also purchased a Kate Space Iphone case from the preview sale that was originally $40 but on sale for $25.
I love Foreign Exchange's BOGO free sales! They currently have it on all accessories as well men's clothing. You can also purchase items online for a discounted price, but its not BOGO free.

Top: Foreign Exchange org $29.00, sale $20.00 BOGO free
Jeans: Forever 21 $10.80
Heels: BGBG from Ross $27.99
Purse: Kate Spade $171
Sunglasses: Versace $150
Necklace: Foreign Exchange $12 BOGO free
Iphone case: $25.00

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Celebrate my sister's birthday this past weekend at San Diego with the family. We visited Hotel Del Coronado and took plenty of photos. The hotel's location is perfect and packed with plenty of tourists and beach goers. The weather was just perfect. We even spotted David Hasselhoff eating at their restaurant.
I was so excited when I found these floral tights at Foreign Exchange. They had just come out on Friday and are sooo comfortable! Received many compliments throughout the day too =) The top is from Forever 21. It was on clearance and is actually a large but still fit well. I made a knot on the side to make it a little tighter at the bottom. I cannot walk around in heels for very long so I bought these scandals from the Citadel Outlet's Aerosoles.

Top: Forever 21 $4.80
Jeans: Foreign Exchange $44
Scandals: Aerosoles $29
Purse: Forever 21 $22.80
Heels: BGBG at Ross $29
Necklaces: Forever 21 $7.80

Wednesday, July 11, 2012



Love Facebook? Love getting "Likes" on your photos? Likame (Like-A-Me) provides a unique platform to proudly display your photo and how much people "like" it! Come to the Orange County Makers Fair to learn how to make your own! This will be Likame's debut appearance, no one else has had a chance to purchase any of these frames. Tutorial will be provided by the creator of this frame. Currently attending Caltech for his PhD in electrical engineering, he has a background in electrical engineering as well as circuits.  This is a wonderful educational experience for both kids and adults!

The event will be hosted at UC Irvine this Saturday July 14 from 10am-5pm. You can make your own or purchase a handmade one on the spot. We will also provide material for you to decorate your frame with no additional cost! They make great gifts and are not made anywhere else in the world! 

Frame may also be purchased via 

Monday, July 9, 2012

True Food Kitchen

Just stumbled upon this super healthy restaurant one day at the new Santa Monica mall. Everything is very affordable and fresh from LA's farmer's market! I absolutely loveee their fresh mixed drinks! The cucumber refresher is mixed with honey and lemon. It tastes so light and refreshing and was just $5. We ordered the Grass Fed Bison Burger with Sweet Potatoes ($16) with umami, mushroom, onion, mayo, parmesan, and flax seed bum. The Shirataki Noodles ($13) were really good and light. The noodles are made out of yams and taste like the Asian green bean noodles. It is mixed with green curry,  snap peas, asparagus, oyster mushrooms, and cashews. I would strongly recommend this dish! The portions pictured above are all half portions because they helped us split (with no extra charge). We were seated at the restaurant when it opened at 11:30am and by the time we were almost done, the entire restaurant was completely filled! Definitely coming back again.

Attempted to make our own grassfed burgers for the first time. I'd say it was pretty successful. Added some diced garlic, pepper, and salt in the beef before grilling it. We purchased a pound of it at the Pasadena Farmer's Market for $8.25. Also, tried used Ciabatta bread from Trader Joe's  instead of the usual hamburger buns. It made a very hearty dinner!

Links to Restaurant & Yelp


My friends and I love trying new restaurants all the time. This past weekend, we decided to have lunch at Mariposa in Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island. The restaurant itself looks very modern and has an outdoor seating area with a view of the surrounding buildings. Right when we sat down they brought us complimentary Chicken Broth with a small piece of bread and Hallow Bread with strawberry butter. I've never had strawberry butter, but I found it to be very good with the bread! We ordered the Dammann Freres ice tea that came with sorbet, which was surprisingly light and refreshing. For our starter, we ordered the Truffle Tatter Tots ($6) that were delicious topped with Parmesan cheese. We all were eyeing the Kobe Sliders (3 for $16) so we ordered that to share. Lastly, we ordered the day's special which was the Blackened Chicken Salad (18). It was a bit spicy but overall  pretty good.

Links to the the Restaurant & Yelp