Thursday, June 28, 2012



My boyfriend has always wanted to fly so for his birthday I bought him a voucher to fly over Long Beach at the California Flight Center. They actually let you take over the controls, which is pretty crazy considering you need to have 80 hours of lessons before you can actually fly yourself. I was pretty nervous and scared at first when we were taking off. I've never been in such a small plane before and have heard of many accidents. However, our pilot was very experienced and that allowed me to calm down and enjoy the scenery. Overall, it was a pretty awesome experience! 

Top: Myth NYC from Ross $12.99
Shorts: H&M $17.95
Heels: BCBG from Ross $29.99
Purse: Forever 21 $23.99

Photographed by Alex Pai using Canon Rebel T3i


  1. You are a brave woman! I don't know if I could have handled that! Love that sheer top!


  2. Love the colors of your outfit! Great pics too, kudos to Alex haha

  3. i'm sure your bf loved it... that's awesome. great outfit! you have such an amazing figure. love your new blog... enjoyed browsing, and i am your newest follower on both google and bloglovin. i'd be totally honored if you connected with me on both, too. cheers, and have a great day!!