Monday, June 4, 2012


This past weekend, I had an adventurous trip to Central California. I went fruit picking for the first time in Bakersfield. It was free to pick and the cost of the fruit was less than the pre-picked fruit. I've been wanting to pick fruit for so long and was so excited when we found this place randomly on the side of the freeway. I choose this skirt to wear because I thought it looked very country-like. I paired it with a new top I bought on sale at H&M. Its a very versatile shirt that can go with a casual or more formal bottom. It can be tucked in or let loose.

Top: H&M $4.95 (sale org: $9.95)
Skirt: $3 (random shop in Taiwan)
Shorts: Express $20
Heels: Calvin Klein $45

Photographed by Alex Pai using Canon Rebel R3i