Friday, May 18, 2012

Tropical fruits

I've been anticipating these cute nail art sticks for so long and when I finally got them, I didn't have time to play with them because I had finals =( So of course the first thing I do after pulling an all-nighter writing my FINAL paper is paint my nails! =) You need a sharp x-acto knife to thinly slice the pieces off the sticks. Be patient, this may take some practice.

1. Use scotch tape to line the skin next to your nails to avoid nail polish excess on your fingers.
2. Use a sponge to dab white nail polish on 2/3 of your nail.
3. Wait for the white nail polish to dry and then use a light green nail polish to dab half of the white portion.
4. Wait for that to dry and then use a dark green nail polish to dab the tips of your nails.
5. Use the nail polish brush to trace the edges of your nails to create a darker finish on the tips.
6. After it is all dry, use a clear coat and quickly stick on the fimo nailart.
7. Use a pair of tweezers to press down on the nailart to make sure it sticks.
8. Lastly use a clear top coat to seal everything.

Fimo Nailart: For $8 you get 100 different designs! It'll last you a lifetime!

Photographed using Canon EOS 3Ti

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