Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Inspired Red Velvet CakePops


 Red Velvet CakePops
1. Bake Red Velvet cake
2. Crumble the cake and let cool
3. Mix in 3/4 of 1 lb of Cream Cheese Frosting (not too much or else the cake will be too moist)
4. Roll mix into ball shaped around 1.5 inches
5. Refrigerate for a couple of hours or freeze for 15 minutes
6. Microwave Dark Chocolate candy melt from Wilton's for 1 minute
6. Fill plastic Reese's cup half way with melted dark chocolate and  quickly place cakepop in. Make sure the chocolate fills up all the way after cake is deposited.
7. Freeze for a couple of minutes in the Reese's molding
8. Take out of fridge and pop them out
9. Microwave Purple candy melt from Wilton's for 1 minute
10. Carefully dip cakepop in filling the edges
11. Decorate quickly before candy hardens

Photographed using Canon EOS Rebel T2i

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